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Whether you’re a new homeowner, an investor, a renter, a landlord or an AirBnB owner, we have designs just for you. Unlock the potential of your interiors and create your dream home with us, no matter your budget.


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Stage 1

How can we help you?
This is the stage where we establish what you need help with. After you have selected your package, and before the first appointment, we will send you a couple questions that will help us bring you the space you deserve.

Stage 2

We will walk through the info you provided us and ensure we have all we need before starting the design process. This is also a great opportunity to review your ideas and ask any questions you may have.


Stage 3

First Design Concept
Following our conversation, we are getting to work and begin creating an initial design inspiration based on your project details. We will collaborate with you along the way and share all necessary details to confirm we are going in the right direction.

Stage 4

Final Design Package
You receive your Final Design Package which depending on the package you selected will include room design, floor plan and curated shopping list - everything you need to get started with your space and make your concept a reality.



We offer gift cards for residential and landscaping packages. We will email a gift card directly to the recipient. Vouchers are available from 20 EUR and can be redeemed for any of our residential and landscaping package.

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